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Pupakiotti Trieste


KWD 32.000

KWD 40.000


Pupakiotti is the brand for dogs, that combines style and comfort. Quality products of a functional design, carefully Made in Italy for the comfort of the dog and of those who accompany him. Harnesses, collars, leashes, carrying bags made with genuine leather, clothing, and accessories for dogs of all breeds from 1 to 16 kg. Handcrafted products with passion, care, and a strong dedication to quality.


The Pupakiotti brand project is founded by the spouses Elena and Sergio Montagna who, after 20 years of careers in the fashion industry, have identified two new work areas in leather accessories and clothing for dogs, where to pour creativity, knowledge, and insights. “We have worked in the fashion world for many years and still design and manufacture high-end leather goods. The idea of transferring this know-how to the pet’s world was born in 2015 and became concrete a couple of years later. It all started with a need: in the search for clothing and harnesses for our dogs, we realized that something in line with our expectations was missing on the market and we wanted to propose something of original, functional and aesthetically valid. 

We design and manufacture in Italy quality products for dogs. We take care of research, design and every detail of the product, in order to ensure maximum comfort for the dog and for those who accompany him."