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Petkit (Pura Max)

Litter Box

KWD 200.000

KWD 215.000


  • Automatic/Instant Cleaning: The Pura X will automatically clean after every use!
  • Odour Eliminator: The device will spray disinfectant regularly with a deodorizing function with 99.9% disinfection rate of 12 common pathogens.
  • Waste Bing: The device will hide the waste in a separate isolated compartment.
  • Safety Sensors: 6 security measures sensors to monitor the entry of cats and stop the machine for safety.
  • Android/iPhone Application: Real time data report and settings with smartphone app and smart notification to alert for low litters, full waste box and other incidents.
  • Health Monitoring: Monitor your pet’s weight and frequency of Litter Box use over time.

Owning a cat is amazing, but we are sure you are tired of the bad smell coming out of the litter box. We also know about the hustle of scooping on a daily basis.

Now is the time for a revolution! SmartPet have been all over the world searching for devices that will solve all your problems and make owning a cat a wonderful experience!

Introducing the best automatic litter box in the world, the Pura MAX!!